5 Reasons Why You Should Exercise Everyday

The era of luxury and development for humankind is truly magnificent. However, everything has a downside, and this era reflected badly on both the physical and mental health of people; low physical endeavors in proportion with high food consumption led to serious chronic diseases like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity, and many immune system-related diseases.

It is essential to know that half hour daily exercise, or only five days a week even, can protect a person from these illnesses. Although it is hard to commit at first, the positive change and advantages exercises offer are absolutely worth it.

Exercise and Physical Health:

Cardiovascular system health:

The heart is the most important muscle in the human body; through its healthy function, oxygen and nutrients are delivered to each body cell. Regular exercise strengthens the heart muscle, reduces harmful Cholesterol levels in the blood, reduces blood pressure, burns out sugars in the blood and enhances Pancreas function. All to maintain the health of arteries and blood vessels and in turn overall physical health.

Respiratory system health:

Exercise maintains pulmonary health through regulated inhale-exhale process; taking a breath in through the nose, and letting it out through the mouth help the lungs function properly and get an adequate amount of oxygen. Exercise also helps smokers or even negative smokers to dispose of poisonous gases like Carbon Monoxide.

Strong muscle and bones building:

Exercise in general; resistance exercises in particular, increases muscle efficacy and achieves a bigger and more resilient muscular system, which is capable of protecting the bones and joints from injury.

Flexibility exercises maintain joint health, and Swedish exercises prevent Osteoporosis, which is a common condition especially among women over forty years of age.

Immune System health:

Physical exercise enhances the heart and lungs function, which helps in disposing of accumulated toxins in the body through sweating. It also contributes in white blood cells flow through the body to boost immune system function. Not to mention that the increased body temperature due to workouts aid in killing harmful bacteria in the body.

Exercise and Mental Health

Focusing on physical exercises distracts your brain from dwelling on the daily pressures of life. Exercise reduces fear and stress hormones like Adrenaline and Cortisol, and provokes the Pituitary Gland to secrete Endorphins; also called happiness hormone. Therefore, exercise lifts the mood up, increases concentration, reduces pain, and protects from depression.

Psychiatrists advise Depression, Anxiety, and Insomnia patients to exercise daily due to its benefits in body relaxation and adequate night sleep.

Exercise and Fitness:

Lifestyles significantly differed after the technological revolution and the rise of the internet; people spend most of their time before a screen whether for work or fun, add to that having three or more meals a day with no physical effort whatsoever. All that increases sugar and fat levels, and leads to obesity with its associated chronic diseases like Osteoporosis, Diabetes, and High Blood Pressure.

The best way to treat obesity is through exercise, whether walking, running, or different kinds of workout, as it helps burn out the fats and stay fit. It is important to maintain a diet along with the exercise and avoid sugars and high-calorie foods.

As for Anorexic people, doing exercises with the help of a professional builds up the body’s muscular mass and achieves a healthy fit figure.

Exercise and Social Behavior:

Joining a club or a team helps create new relationships and bonds, which in turn increases cooperation, expertise exchange, teamwork, and positive attitude.

Exercise was proven to boost confidence, communication with the surroundings, decision making skills, and social skills in general. It builds up commitment and patience, and also reduces criminal and antisocial behavior.

Exercise and Academic Skills:

With all the health benefits exercise offers, it has proved its importance in academic and professional life. It enhances memory and concentration, makes a person less irritable, boosts the sense of competition and achievement, reduces stress, increases problem solving and leadership skills, as well as the above mentioned social skills.

Research showed that people who follow regular exercise and diets lead more functional life in terms of their jobs, studies, and social status.

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