How to Become a Certified Personal trainer

There is a lot of buzz around fitness nowadays; people from various social status are interested in keeping a healthy regimen and looking at their best, which made the career of a Certified Personal Trainer a focus point for many workers in the athletic aspect. It is now pretty common for people, especially celebrities, to hire a personal trainer to help them achieve their physical goals and have a fit attractive body.

If you feel like diving into the world of fitness, and are interested in becoming a Certified Personal Instructor, here is some information you should know. 

Certified Personal Instructor

Personal trainer the one to help clients achieve their desired fitness goals, including weight loss, body strength enhancement, or general health regimen.

Each client has a different fitness level, so the instructor might give one basic exercise, while include another in a weight loss program, and a third in an advanced training regimen, all based on each individual case.

  • Fitness instructors usually work in gyms or health centers, some might own their own fitness studios. Their job includes the following:
  • Setting exercise programs for individuals and groups.
  • Motivating clients.
  • Monitoring clients‘ progress and addressing notes when needed.
  • Guiding the clients to properly use athletic equipment and techniques.
  • Assuring the safety of the clients.
  • Selling clients and prospects services and products.
  • Addressing the clients’ complaints.
  • Managing First-Aid in emergencies.
  • Advising the clients with proper nutrition.
  • Applying the institute’s regulations.

What kind of jobs are available for Certified Instructors

As mentioned, the career of personal training is now popular, mostly thanks to celebrities who use the services of personal instructors on a daily basis.

There are many domains for the certified instructor to work within, some of which are the following:

Health Centers Certified Personal Instructor

Once you get certified, most health centers will recognize you as a qualified instructor for them to hire. Whether you design and monitor fitness regimens, or work with the clients to achieve their desired goals, you can gather great expertise and expand your clients base.

Athletic Instructor

These kinds of instructors diagnose and treat muscle and bones injuries, and can be hired in education institutions, or hold their own business where their clients base range between amateur athletes and first-class professionals. Although this role requires certain skills and expertise, Personal Training or Strength and Conditioning Certificates can surely help you reach your goal.

Physical Therapist

This kind of instructor handles clients with sports injuries, chronic diseases, or short-term movement issues in order to correct and treat the problem.

It is up to you to choose having your own business or working in major institutes to develop a clients’ base.

Health Center Manager

Managing a health institute demands a great deal of understanding and expertise in clients, commerce, marketing, health, and safety, all of which are the requirements of a successful personal trainer. Therefore, if you prefer managing a center instead of working in one, your certificate qualifies you to pursue that after gathering adequate expertise of course; many health centers managers start off their careers as gym or personal trainers and pave their way from that point on.

Certificates for Athletic and Health Training

There are several certificates that qualify you to become a personal instructor ready to indulge in the job market; some of which are the following:

  • Personal trainer diploma Certificate offered by Jordanian Ultimate Movement performance academy; JUMP.
  • Personal Fitness Instructor Certificate offered by the International Sports Sciences Association; ISSA.
  • American Council on Exercise; ACE Personal Trainer Certificate.
  • Nutrition and Personal Training Certificate offered by the National Academy of Sports Medicine; NASM.
  • National Strength and Conditioning Association; NSCA Personal Fitness Trainer Certificate.

Each of these certificates qualify you to be a fitness instructor capable of pursuing it as a professional career and dealing with all the obstacles along the way; whether when working in a center or handling clients individually.

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